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The National Companion Card Scheme

The National Companion Card Scheme brings together State and Territory Companion Card programs that enable eligible people with lifelong disability to participate at venues and activities without incurring the cost of a second ticket for their companion.

Cardholder and companion The cardholder presents their card at participating affiliate organisations to purchase a ticket or pay an entry fee and receive a ticket for their companion at no extra charge.

Sample Companion Card The National Card Scheme is comprised of Companion Card programs run by each State and Territory which issue the Companion Card i.e. there is no National Card. Under the scheme, a cardholder may use their card in any State or Territory when on holidays or travelling. If a cardholder permanently moves to reside in another state or territory then they will need to apply for a new Companion Card from the State/Territory in which they now reside.

Why has it been developed?

The Companion Card was developed to remove the financial barrier for people with disability who require lifelong attendant care support to participate at events, activities and venues.

Find out how to apply for a Companion Card